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Trying to manage fraud risk without assistance from the best software tools and support on the market today is no longer necessary with the introduction of FraudVision®.  Successful fraud management is a complex four-part process starting with evaluating the fraud risk management program, performing a fraud risk assessment, employing specific fraud audit and data analytics procedures, and ending with responding to fraud risks.  Risk Analytics Strategies, LLC provide today’s forward-thinking risk professionals with a suite of unique, one-of-a-kind, software solutions to address all four of these components.  Do yourself and your company a favor by contacting us to learn more!

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FraudVision is the only complete Fraud Management System available today. It serves as the foundation of your Fraud Management Program and provides the added benefit of automating portions of the complex process of building scenario-based Fraud Risk Assessments.


BancProtect fraud detection software identifies high-risk red flags of bank fraud that until now have have been mostly undetectable. It is the only data analytics tool available today that is able to identify the single red flag common to 30% of bank internal frauds!

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