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Risk Analytics Strategies, LLC provides customized risk, compliance and security software solution used by all industries.  Our FraudVision fraud risk management software is “one-of-a-kind” product that brings companies into compliance with anti-fraud standards and their auditors into compliance with fraud auditing standards.  It includes an unsurpassed fraud risk assessment component.

Organizations such as law firms and certified public accounting firms are using our software to provide key business services that generate many thousands of dollars of revenue annually. Other organizations rely on our platforms to identify and mitigate risk within their own organizations, as well as maintain compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Risk Analytics Strategies is also aligned with strategic partners who provide effective and affordable fraud and compliance software solutions such as:

  • Bank Auditing Software
  • Bank Fraud Detection Software
  • HIPAA Cyber Security Compliance Software

We look forward to hearing from you to discuss your needs and how you can benefit from our solutions.

Our Beginnings

RAS was started by anti-fraud experts from the banking industry who noticed that internal auditors, both in-house and outsourced, were ineffective at finding internal fraud and managing fraud risk. The question was, why are Whistleblowers and Management finding five times more internal fraud then auditors and other risk professionals? RAS noted that the majority of internal and external auditors lacked fraud knowledge and experience, awareness of fraud auditing standards, passion and initiative for finding fraud, and resisted employing good anti-fraud technology and techniques.


logo[1]We believe that the over-arching solution to the aforementioned problem is to work better together as an anti-fraud community, and use technology based solutions whenever possible. So, RAS set out to develop a “first-of-its-kind” scenario based Fraud Management Software, called FraudVision™. This software serves as the foundation for an effective fraud risk management program. This is the starting point from which to develop an effective fraud management program and build fraud knowledge in organizations so they can meet the challenges of an ever-changing industry standards and fraud risk environment.

We want FVHQ to help focus the anti-fraud community on the best solutions and practices in fighting fraud and be a “go-to” source.

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