FraudVision® – Fraud Risk Assessment Solution

auditors working on Fraud Risk AssessmentFraudVision® is a unique, “one-of-a-kind”, dedicated fraud risk management and evaluation system. FraudVision® aids users in identifying and reducing an organization’s fraud risk without the use of cumbersome and ineffective ad-hoc spreadsheet solutions. The power of FraudVision® elevates users’ ability to effectively assess and manage fraud risk and maintain compliance with COSO Principle 8 and other anti-fraud standards. This power, combined with an affordable price, creates an impressive ROI.

FraudVision® provides clear and structured views of fraud schemes, scenarios, concealments, controls and red flags. This powerful visualization provides the opportunity to perform fraud risk assessments at levels of detail previously unattainable.

FraudVision® is designed to give users the edge they need to combat fraud, through features such as:
• FRM Evaluator – evaluate the Fraud Risk Mgmt Program
• Fraud Risk Auditor – perform Fraud Risk Assessments
• Data Manager – access the data files, data fields and programming scripts needed to construct data analytics tests
• Fraud Finder – select the find fraud schemes you want to find to employ the tests and procedures needed to find them
• Data Libraries – fraud schemes, data tests, audit procedures, red flags, controls, etc. are part of a robust database
• Response Manager – track management responses to risks and findings

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